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Star Wars: The Old Republic Item Rating 306 Guide

On the Fleet, you can find mission terminals that offer repeatable missions that ask you to play a certain number of Flashpoints, broken down by difficulty level; a certain number of Warzone matches as outlined above; or just a certain number of any kind of Activity Finder content.

SWTOR 6.0 Carnage Marauder Guide by Dantiko

Not Available From Vendor Corellia Flashpoint Overwhelming Offense All All All Dealing damage increases all damage done for 2 seconds.

PvP/Endgame : swtor

27 PvE D tier - Begging for a buff:• There are some big guilds around, but not any dedicated pvp guilds that I know of.

SWTOR: Guide to Warzones and PvP

It wont matter if you play a Marauder or a Sentinel.

SWTOR 6.0 Carnage Marauder Guide by Dantiko

[ transfer into normal rotation ] The only real difference here between the normal opener and this one is that you have more rage initially to play with from Hidden Power, therefore you can go without using Battering Assault until the next rotation.

SWTOR 6.0 Infiltration Shadow PvP Guide by Kre'a

The exact percentage boost is also randomized, so you have a chance of getting an amplifier with a really low boost, all the way to the best boost that type of amplifier has to offer.

6.0 Onslaught Gearing Guide

Orange gear is the same stat-wise, and it has the advantage that you don't lose your augments when you have to trade in the shells to get the higher tier of gear.

SWTOR PvP at Level 75: Beginners Guide by Aviriia

Q: Do any Warzones have a level requirement besides level 10? Be sure to pick them up each day for a nice xp reward, as well as some consumables.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Item Rating 306 Guide

In PVP, you can use this to escape, break roots or snares, and even remove a few debuffs that hinder you.

Swtor PvP Guides

They are basically a progression system, that's what the vendors are.