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If he texted you first, then you certainly have the excuse of responding as your reason for texting him.

3 Ways to Determine if a Guy is Nervous Around You Because He Likes You

The best thing to do is to wait until you have a clearer head.

When A Guy Asks How You Are Doing, It's 1 Of 10 Signs He's Into You

After going through this list, you are set to read the mind of any man! Chances are that you would not appreciate the gesture.

Should I Text Him? 13 Rules When To Text And When To Wait

I was thinking of leaving him a voice mail, but should I do that? If you to want to get in touch with me, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.

How A Guy Texts Differently When He Likes You, According To A Guy

Maybe he is a friend, maybe he is a significant other, or maybe he is someone that you just met.

Does he like me? 27 surprising signs he does like you!

Once you know what to look for in guy's body language and subtle little behaviors, you will be able to read him like a book.

5 Signs She Wants You Sexually

Take this quiz and get a custom report based on your unique personality and goals.

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How A Guy Texts Differently When He Likes You, According To A Guy

I knew straight away id made a mistake — this guy was like my dream guy and I was sat there mentioning an ex boyfriend to him.